The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) named Ms. Lynnly Wood its 2012 Teacher of the Year. Ms. Wood is a fifth-grade reading teacher at KIPP Journey Academy. OAPCS praised Ms. Wood’s ability to teach students who come to her classroom with varying levels of reading ability. For example, Ms. Wood has implemented a Guided Reading program for her students. This program provides every one of her three-hundred plus students differentiated reading instruction every day. The personalized instruction that Ms. Wood uses has produced impressive results: In 2011, Ms. Wood was the KIPP network’s top-performing fifth-grade reading instructor!

We at Fordham are very pleased and grateful to have outstanding teachers like Ms. Wood and the many other teachers who daily teach the ABCs of life to students who attend Fordham-sponsored charter schools.  For more about Ms. Wood’s accomplishments, please continue reading here.

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