Exam Schools, by Fordham president Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Jessica A. Hockett, explores the realm of America’s most selective and highest performing public high schools. The authors identify 165 “exam schools,” so-called because their admissions process is largely based on students’ exam scores.

Four of these schools are located in Ohio: John Hay Early College High School, John Hay School of Architecture, John Hay School of Science and Medicine, and Walnut Hills High School. The John Hay schools (combined enrollment, 852) are all part of Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Walnut Hills High School (enrollment, 2,149) is part of Cincinnati Public Schools. The Ohio Department of Education rated each of these schools “excellent” (A) for the 2010-11 school year.

For a synopsis of the book’s findings, check out The New York Times editorial “Young, Gifted, Neglected.” And don’t forget to take a look at the video below or get your copy of the book to learn more about this exciting slice of American (and Buckeye State) education!

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