• A New Haven “turnaround school” has its students assigning their own homework. The new approach is part of an experiment to move from a “normal” class to “independent pacing,” in which students master concepts before moving on. High School in the Community is directly managed by the teachers union.
  • Students at Belmont High School are getting a leg up on college readiness. The Educational Talent Search program, sponsored by Sinclair Community College, supports middle and high school students in college decision-making, preparation, and entrance at no cost.
  • In an effort to increase mastery on state tests, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools has gotten rid of graded homework, extra credit, and behavior-related grading. Students can practice concepts until they are understood. The District asserts this new system has accountability because it requires more work on behalf of students, not less, when they do not understand material.
  • A coalition of three non-profit groups is on an anti-drop out crusade to address areas that prevent students from earning diplomas. Diplomas Now is piloting at three Columbus schools that have agreed to participate in a federally funded study on the program’s effectiveness.
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