• With classrooms nationwide emphasizing nonfiction work thanks to the Common Core, teachers and book lovers are asking what will happen to the instruction of novels and other pieces of literary work.
  • The State Board of Education voted 12-4 to pass policy that would only allow teachers and administrators to place students in seclusion roomsif they were posing a physical danger to themselves or others. Along with this, parents will have to be contacted within 24 hours about the incident in the form of a written report.
  • Changes to the cost-of-living rules for the State Teachers Retirement System will force many teachers who are at the age of retirement to make a decision before the end of the year. In only the month of January, Groveport Madison schools have had 17 out of the 27 eligible teachers announce retirement, surpassing the 16 that declared all of last year.
  • Amidst the continuing controversy over data rigging, school districts in Ohio are approving whistle-blower policies that would allow workers to report illegal activity. State Auditor David Yost and school board leaders, however, believe that many of these policies are not sustainable because they do not protect anonymity and require the worker to report wrongdoing to their employer.   
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