Jennifer M. Bay-Williams

Dr. Jennifer Bay-Williams is a mathematics teacher educator, author, and life-long learner with a passion for making mathematics meaningful for all students. She has written over a dozen books and many articles around K-12 mathematics education, including best-selling books on how to teach mathematics – Elementary and Middle School Mathematics – Teaching Developmentally and Teaching Student Centered Mathematics (with John Van de Walle, LouAnn Lovin, and Karen Karp). She has also written books for teachers about infusing financial literacy, incorporating children’s literature, making mathematical connections, and developing understanding of addition and subtraction.

Jennifer is a currently a member of the NCTM Board of Directors, a former president of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Education, and active in TODOS: Mathematics for All. She also advocates for effective mathematics learning through frequent presentations at state, national, and regional conferences, as well as working with schools, districts, and organizations.

Jennifer received her Ph.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia, and is currently a professor and department chair at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. She began her career teaching K-12 mathematics in Missouri and Peru and continues to work in K-8 classrooms in Kentucky and around the United States.