Susan R. Bodary

Susan R. Bodary is a trusted reform leader with a proven track record of success in local, statewide and national education initiatives. As a partner at Education First, Susan has advised governors, commissioners and education, business and legislative leaders in Ohio and more than twenty other states on issues related to college- and career-readiness, teacher and leader effectiveness, college completion and STEM. She has served as a founding board member of the Dayton Regional STEM School, Distinguished Policy Associate at the University of Dayton’s School of Education and Allied Professions, and an instructor at Sinclair Community College. Combined with her extensive experience leading non-profit organizations and issue-based coalitions, this background has allowed her to serve clients as diverse at the Ohio Department of Education, Educate Texas, Washington STEM, Change the Equation, Battelle, and schools and districts across the country. Susan holds degrees in public law and organizational communication from Eastern Michigan University.