2006-07 Ohio Report Cards

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Despite a decade of significant school reform efforts in Ohio, students in the state's largest cities still struggle mightily to meet basic academic standards and are nowhere close to achieving the goals set by the federal No Child Left Behind law, according to an analysis of the latest Ohio school report-card data.

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute found 46 percent of 183,000 public and charter school students in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton are attending schools graded either D or F (officially "Academic Watch" or "Academic Emergency", respectively). That compares to about 75,000 students in D or F schools in the entire remainder of the state.

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City By City Analysis:





Analysis of District and Charter School Performance in the Ohio 8:

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute also commissioned Public Impact to conduct a brief analysis of charter school performance in 2006-2007. See their findings here.


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